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Hey, my name is Kitty Sweetwater, you can call me Kayos Kat, Mercenary, Mutant, Mechanical Engineer, Mad Scientist, hacker supreme, thief, Jill of All Trades, friend of Loki, what can I do for you?

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things get heated between the canadians and the americans

Bagged milk… been a long time since I’ve bought that, wonder if they still bother with it here…

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And why does this exist? 

Oh look Cletus, a guide redsymbiotefreak
" I saw my best friend for the first time today

She had brown hair that reached her shoulders and piercing blue eyes

There were cuts on her arm and on her stomach
There were bags under her eyes from nights spent crying

She had thrown her bottle of pills against the wall from expressing her hatred of being dependent on them

What I saw was not lovely
What I saw was not beautiful

So to all of you who use mental illness as a fashion statement
Expressing your scars as “accessories to your bracelets”

I only have so many questions to ask
What is so beautiful about mental illness?

What’s so beautiful about crying and screaming and tormented souls?
What’s so beautiful about young kids being sent to mental hospitals more times than the average adult?

Is the sadness and the inability to do anything captivating to you?

Because what I saw today was not beautiful

I saw my best friend for the first time today

She was staring back at me in the mirror

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I’m very sorry everyone, I have absolute zero motivation anymore, I’ve lost friends again because of my mental disorders and I’m tired of being so fucked up, my family wouldn’t understand this, they never do

I don’t want you people ‘trying to talk me out of it’ or whatever because I’m not going to, I’m to much of a coward to actually kill myself

I’m just letting you all know that I’m going away, possibly for a long time, at least until I feel better about myself again, so goodbye, if anyone wants to contact me my skype is red_nex_kitty


Some stories stay with us forever




Happy (almost) new princess day!

Why is Peter pan with the princesses?

Because of Princess Tiger lily. She’s a princess.


Stephanie, everything you’ve done, everything you’ve been through, this city owes you. And so do I.


The science witch trials


Just think: before 2007, almost nobody knew what this was.

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Reblog if you think I’m important

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#mun things
" 对不起, 让你遇上了我
I’m sorry that you met me. "
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